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Professional child and family investigators

When the court appoints us as your child and family investigator, we'll ensure that all the divorce-related proceedings are carried forward by taking the best interest of your child or children into consideration. Contact us for a FREE 15-minute consultation.


At Clear Peaks Counseling, we assist parents, families, matrimonial attorneys, and judicial officers to look into some of the most common issues in CFI cases. These may include parenting time and decision-making responsibilities.


Since each family is unique, you can rely on us to provide a neutral, objective, and personalized approach that will be help towards improving the family dynamic. Count on us to give clear, focused, and practical recommendations.

Parenting coordinator and family counselor

After the court's decision, if you're still experiencing conflict with the parenting plan, you can count on us as your parenting coordinator. We can help you in reducing the conflict outside of the court room by increasing the lines of communication.


Trust our counseling and mediation skills to come up with a decision that is best suited for your child or children. Some of the situations that we provide effective solutions for are:

• Parenting exchanges

• Holidays scheduling conflicts

• Medical and school-related issues


Give us a call at 970-460-0375 for child and family investigation requirements.

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